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Sorbonne University promotes excellence at the core of each of its disciplines and develops numerous interdisciplinary programs capable of meeting the major challenges of the 21st century.

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Choosing Sorbonne University means joining a world-renowned multidisciplinary institution, giving the best of oneself to follow a high-level education and join a community of more than 55,000 students and 360,000 alumni worldwide.

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Parismus is the international student association of Sorbonne University


Parismus is the international student association of Sorbonne University.

Supporting International Students & Scholars

Sorbonne University supports its international members with a variety of services.

Nous sommes à vos côtés

Bringing together 10 institutions covering offering studies in literature, medicine, science and engineering, technology and management. This diversity fosters a global approach to teaching and research, to jointly promote access to knowledge for all.

Alliance 4EU+

The 4EU+ Alliance

In a changing world, Sorbonne University has joined forces with the universities of Charles in Prague, Heidelberg, Warsaw, Milan and Copenhagen, to create the 4EU+ Alliance.

With an innovative model of European university, six large research-intensive universities work together respond to the educational and research challenges facing Europe.

Les Alliances de Sorbonne Université


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Groupe des Anciens Personnels

Former Staff Group

The Former Staff Group is independent of the university. It brings together former employees of Sorbonne University (lecturer-researchers, researchers, BIATSS) to create a strong intergenerational bond. Its goal is to participate in improving students’ study and living conditions and develop a network of solidarity and mutual aid among its members. The Former Staff Group plays a particularly active role in the smooth running of our campaign.

Any retiree who has worked at Sorbonne University can become an active member of the Former Staff Group (Les Anciens) provided they make at least one donation each year. Being an active member of the Group means benefiting from an e-mail address, a registration in the directory and access to libraries and sports facilities at the university, and to continue to receive information intended for University staff.

To donate to the Les Anciens account and become an active member, you can:

Sorbonne University Foundation - The Anciens personnels - Box 390 - 4 place Jussieu 75252 Paris cedex 05

Three questions for Claude Alquié, President of the Former Staff Group

How did this group of former staff members come about?

This group was created in 2010 to bring together within the Foundation those who worked for the university and wanted to keep in touch with it and their former colleagues. The idea was to establish a network of former UPMC employees who care about the university’s continued success and want to stay in contact with one another and participate in activities of both a philanthropic and social nature.

The Group’s evolution under Sorbonne University

The (UPMC) Group included, as of December 31, 2017, a total of roughly 450 active members. Now, of course, retired staff from Sorbonne University overall, including both UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne University. Together we now support students in all three faculties, for example, by providing more scholarships. And the cultural diversity of the members will enable us to enrich the activities offered to them.

Our ambitions for the coming years

With greater resources, we will support the projects of Sorbonne University, including our participation in the Foundation’s fundraising campaigns, and we’ll also launch new programs, in order to contribute to the best of our ability to the success and prestige of Sorbonne University.