Request for special facilities to compete

Candidates with a handicap may request special accommodations in order to take part in the competition. In this case, they must submit a request to the Centre national de gestion, accompanied by the following documents:

  • a copy of the document certifying their status as a handicapped person
  • a certificate issued by the doctor at the Maison départementale des personnes handicapées in the person's place of residence, specifying the amount of additional time to be granted and any special arrangements to be made.

Applications must be sent by the end of April at the latest to the address below:
Centre national de gestion 
Département concours, autorisation d’exercice, mobilité-développement professionnel, 
Unité des concours médicaux nationaux, EDN
Immeuble  Le Ponant B 
21, rue Leblanc 75015 Paris