Research strategy consulting

Research strategy consulting


The faculty's research strategy council is a purely consultative unofficial body with no regulatory status, unlike the University's Scientific Council which is an official and decision-making body.
Chaired by the vice-dean for research, the council meets regularly by the Research and Development Department to be consulted on strategic research directions and the distribution of research credits. It is made up of 30 members.

The main missions of the Research Strategy Council can be summarized as follows:

  • Collect from the competent authorities (University, Hospital and EPST) and evaluate the elements necessary to establish a strategic plan for Research.
  • Appreciate the relevance of the Research forces on the site.
  • Establish a list of the site’s infrastructure needs.
  • Lead the establishment of the Quadrennial Plan.
  • Issue an opinion on any proposal to establish a Research structure on the site.
  • Study the implications for Research of the creation of university hospital positions.
  • Promote the means necessary for the development of Clinical Research.
  • Ensure the dissemination of scientific information.
  • Make proposals for valorization or technology transfer actions specific to the site and its needs.

Board composition

Results of the elections of October 18 and 19 2023

Chairman of the board : Anne-Geneviève MARCELIN

Collège A : Professeurs et personnels assimilés

Guy Gorochov

Geneviève Gourdon
Pierantonio Laveneziana
Maria Melchior


Collège B : Autres enseignants et personnels assimilés

Michèle Rosenzwajg

Carlos Parras
Irina Giurgea
Christos Chadjichristos


Personal College T (IATSS)
Fabrice Atassi
Claire Lacoste


College T (ITA staff)
Béatrice Bault


Awaiting new appointments after the elections of October 18 and 19, 2023

CRMBSP composition

Appointment by the Dean (4 members)

  • In progress

Appointment by the AP-HP (4 members)

  • In progress

Appointment by Inserm (4 members)

  • In progress

CMEL composition/ Research commission

2 PH of GH Pitié Salpêtrière:

  • In progress

2 PH of GH HUEP:

  • In progress