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Center of Research in Myology

MRSU 974

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Created on January 1st, 2014, the Research Center in Myology, is a multidisciplinary research center on muscle and its pathologies.
The objective of UMRS 974 is to develop innovative approaches to cell, gene or pharmacogenetic therapies, based on an understanding of the molecular pathophysiology of a given disease, and therefore adapted to it.

Teams of the research Center in Myology

  1. Gisèle Bonne Lab – Genetics and pathophysiology of neuromuscular disorders linked to the extracellular matrix and to the nucleus
  2. Marc Bitoun Lab – Muscle cell organization and therapy of dominant centronuclear myopathy
  3. Capucine Trollet and Vincent Mouly Lab –  Cellular and molecular orchestration in muscle regeneration, during ageing and in pathologies
  4. Denis Furling and Geneviève Gourdon Lab – Repeat Expansions & Myotonic Dystrophy (REDs)
  5. France Piétri-Rouxel Lab – Gene therapy for DMD and pathophysiology of skeletal muscle group
  6. Piera Smeriglio Lab – Biotherapies for motor neuron disorders (ALS & SMA)
  7. Rozen Le Panse Lab – Myasthenia Gravis: etiology, pathophysiological & therapeutic approaches
  8. Olivier Benveniste Lab – Inflammatory Myopathies & Innovative Therapies
  9. Antoine Muchir Lab – Signal pathways and striated muscles
  10. Laure Strochlic and Bertrand Fontaine Lab – Neuromuscular Connectivity in health and diseases


  • Denis FURLING


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Autres tutelles

  • Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale | INSERM
  • Sorbonne Université


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Center of Research in Myology - MRSU 974 - Faculty of Health Sciences Sorbonne university - Pitié Salpêtrière site
105 boulevard de l’Hôpital 75013 Paris