Faculty council

Faculty council

Composition of the council of the faculty of medicine Sorbonne University

College A: Professors and related staff (12 representatives)
Peggy Gatignol
Bruno Riou
Anne-Geneviève Marcelin
Alain Carrié
Dominique Damais-Thabut
Olivier Fain
Catherine Coirault
Jean-Jacques Boffa
Catherine Uzan
Hubert Ducou Le Pointe
Isabelle Audo
Emmanuel Flamand-Roze


College B: Professors and related staff (9 representatives)
Pricille Sauvegrain
Damien Bachasson
Laure Surgers
Arthur James
Anne-Laure Philippon
Jean-Sébastien Cadwallader
Louise-Laure Mariani
Mathieu Simonin
Laure Serresse


College P: Hospital practitioners involved in teaching (1 representative)
Benjamin Granger


College T
Estelle Mendes
Florence Cottu
Nathalie Abiola


Students' College
Holder : Héloïs Herrmann - Alternate Holder : Simon pouzet
Holder : Ragy Bourry - Alternate Holder : Hélise Vancassel
Holder : Adèle Etiemble - Alternate Holder : Maxime Marcoin
Holder : Edan Mallet - Alternate Holder : Léonore Kesler
Holder : Louise Krebs - Alternate Holder :  Raphaël Robinet
Holder : Aliete Afonso - Alternate Holder : Manon Pathier
Holder : Antoine Bouilleau -Alternate Holder : Lucas Roulet


The members of the student college are elected for 2 years.

4 personalities designated by their organization:

A representative of the City of Paris; a representative of the Ile de France Region; a representative of INSERM; a representative of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris.

  • Christine Welty, director of the AP-HP university hospital group. Sorbonne University

  • Jean-Antoine Girault, INSERM scientific referent for Sorbonne University
  • Representative of the City of Paris
  • Béatrice Lecouturier, representative of regional councillor of the Ile de France Region

4 external personalities:

Elected by the 32-member Faculty Council following a call for nominations:

  • Estelle Wafo, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department at Marne La Vallée Hospital
  • Laurent Leboterve, President of SOS amitiés Paris
  • Dominique Costagliola, Member of the AIDES association
  • Jean-Jacques Avrane, French Medical AssociationEstelle Wafo, head of the gynecology department at Marne la Vallée Hospital

Permanent guest

  • Marie-Christine Renaud, in charge of the mission for the dean