SN@SU Project

The  Digital Health Sciences in Sorbonne University (SN@SU) project was set up in response to the AMI CMA launched as part of France 2030. It proposes to integrate digital health into the heart of university teaching, involving a wide range of professions: doctors, midwives, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, orthoptists and psychomotricians. A consortium of 17 partners has been set up, offering both initial and continuing training.

SN@SU Project

Vidéo de présentation de SN@SU

The SN@SU project has been awarded a €4M grant by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

The project focuses on digital health training in two areas:

  1. A training programme for healthcare professionals involving several institutes and schools covering a range of healthcare professions
  2. Training for engineers and computer scientists, with a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees in public health at Sorbonne Faculté des Sciences and initiatives by the ESIEE-Paris and UTC schools.

SN@SU brings together a consortium of 17 public and private partners, including Sorbonne University, AP-HP's training and skills development center at Compiègne University of Technology, ESIEE-Paris engineering school, SESAN (Regional support group for the development of e-Health), the Health Data Hub platform and the Paris School of Physiotherapy, several nursing training institutes, the ADERE Paris occupational therapy training institute (Association for the Development, Teaching and Research of Occupational Therapy), the Relations médicales society, the French Society of General Medicine (SFM), Federation of ambulatory medical and paramedical IT publishers (FEIMA) and the Game for Citizens association.

The funding obtained is intended to develop new educational content, implement this content within the training courses run by the various partners, and ensure communication around the project. Innovative teaching methods such as e-learning, animated films, playfulness and serious games will be developed with the help of several partners and service providers, and the resources of the Faculty of Health Sciences, such as the digital teaching service. The project aims to experiment with the use of metavers in digital health teaching. The various teaching capsules will be stored on a shared platform accessible to teachers, enabling them to create à la carte teaching paths. Digital accessibility will be a key concern for content producers, and the eco-design of digital resources will form the basis of all developments to limit their environmental impact.

The SN@SU launch meeting on June 7, 2023 brought together representatives of the French National Research Agency and participants involved in the project.

Work is underway, and the first lessons were delivered in November 2023, notably at Sorbonne University's Faculty of Health Sciences.