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Clinical research group in anesthesia resuscitation perioperative medicine (CRG ARPE)

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The clinical research group « ARPE » is driven by two strong topics: acute respiratory failure and neuroscience in critical care and preoperative medicine. the aim of this group is to promote clinical and epidemiological research and to make possible translational research in the field of acute care, mixing private and institutional supports and partnerships. An important place is given to para-medical (Nurses, physiotherapists, ...) research. We welcomes students with different backgrounds fromdifferents countries, and supports them in their research master's, Ph.D or just for a short experience in the world clinical research.


  • Jean-Michel Constantin


Adresse physique

Réanimations Chirurgicales Département D’Anesthésie-Réanimation, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, 47 bd de l’hôpital
75012 Paris