Institute for Health Engineering

Institute for Health Engineering : Sorbonne University promotes innovation through the Institute for Health Engineering.

Institute for Health Engineering

As a bridge between Medicine, Engineering and Humanities, the  Institute for Health Engineering's mission is to promote interactions between researchers, teachers, clinicians and students.

The Calls for projects, Training programmes and Scientific events aim to facilitate and accelerate fundamental research, innovation and access to technologies for patients and citizens. The institute is involved in the following activities: 


  • Funding and promotion of Alliance Sorbonne Université academic research
  • Promoting scientific themes
  • Support for research project leaders
  • Identification and networking with research partners from various disciplines


  • Promoting graduate programmes in Health engineering within Alliance Sorbonne Université
  • Medical/Science & Engineering specialisation courses 
  • Short programmes on healthtech innovation 


  • Partnership with SUMMIT, for the supply of specific expertise in health engineering
  •   Connecting project leaders with tech transfert offices
  • Awareness support for pre-maturation and entrepreneurship
  • Short programmes on entrepreneurship in health



Institute for Health Engineering


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