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Predictive Onco-Urology Research Group


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The discovery and evaluation of biomarkers and algorithms are new challenges for personalized medicine and precision oncology. The GRC n°5 is a transdisciplinary team focused on urologic tumors (prostate, kidney, urinary excretory tract). Its activities are based on the analysis of clinical-biological, genetics and molecular databases in order to integrate the different phenotypic or genotypic components in predictive models applicable to clinical situations such as prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and theranostics. Modeling methods use explanable artificial intelligence (XAI) to generate clinically applicable decision support tools.

The GRC n°5 consists of a single team (leader: Pr. Morgan Roupret) whose theme is on urological cancers. In this theme, this multidisciplinary team focuses on the following research topics:

  • Constitution and analysis of clinical-biological databases,
  • Epidemiological, genetic and genomic studies,
  • Molecular pathology and imaging,
  • Modeling methods and explanable artificial intelligence.


  • Morgan Roupret

Lab Manager

  • Géraldine Cancel-Tassin


Adresse physique

Hôpital Tenon, GRC 5, bâtiment de recherche, 4e étage, 4 rue de la Chine
75020 Paris
Hopital Tenon
Hopital Tenon