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Analysis, Research, Development and Evaluation in Endourology and Urinary Lithiasis

GRC 10 Lithiasis aims to assess the risk factors for urinary lithiasis (particularly hypercalciuria) and to evaluate new endourological technologies for the urological treatment of urinary calculi.
Renal lithiasis is a public health problem It affects 10 of the French population, with a ratio of 2 men to 1 woman and an average age of 40 It is a recurrent pathology, with an estimated rate of 50 at 5 years and 70 at 10 years It is responsible for 1 to 2 emergency room admissions due to the renal colic it generates.
The main risk factors are dietary habits and the resulting hypercalciuria.
Assessing these risk factors with a view to preventing lithiasis, and developing stone treatment tools, is now essential for the management of lithiasis patients".


  • Olivier TRAXER


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